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Vibrato Effect

Hi all,
I just acquired a MK I. What a great machine. A big thank you for all the work to the Kodamo team👍

One question I have: How can I easily create a vibrato effect controlled by the mod wheel? My understanding ist that I have to assign the LFO of a voice to each operator with exactly the same amount of intensity. Then I create the in the control matrix an entry with CC1 to LFO FM amount. This works.
But is there an easier way? I assume that there is not a global LFO that can be assigned to FM in general and be controlled by CC1.

Cheers, Oehi

I'm not sure you're already doing that but you should use the LFO FM setting on each operator (under the "Mod" tab - not in the mod matrix). Set it to the desired amount for your operators.

Then you need a single entry in the mod matrix: CC1 to LFO FM Depth
thank you for the fast reply. Yes I am doing that. The question is more, is there an easy way to set the LFO FM setting with one step for each operator with one step. Something like a "global" setting for the voice. This would make the process of adding vibrato to a voice much faster.
Another solution might be to select several operators and modify any parameter for the selection. Then it will be changed for all the selected operators.
But maybe there is something already implemented.
Assign LFO to Global Frequency fine in the Modmatrix. That’s one single slot.
Excellent. Thanx for the hint 🙂
I seem to be somehow stupid, but it did not work.
Yes, LFO assigning to Global Frequency fine in the Modmatrix works.
However if I assign CC1 to LFO FM Amount in the Modmatrix, I cannot control the LFO intensity with the Mod Wheel.
What do I misunderstand?
Thanx in advance
LFO FM Amount is multiplied with the LFO FM setting of each operator. You probably have LFO FM set to zero on your operators
Thank you so much for your explanations.
I think, now I am understanding. As long as LFO FM Amount on operator level is set to zero, the global LFO FM Amount does not make sense and cannot be controlled by CC1. On the other hand assigning LFO to global fine tune does not help since this parameter cannot be controlled in amplitude by CC1. So the only way is to assign LFO FM Amount to each operator and do the CC1 control on global LFO FM Amount.
Thanx again