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Solo operator function

Would be VERY useful.
Included in the firmware coming soon ;)
+ Solo function for patch layers
GReat, got the new v2 o.s running!

Just working through it now.
I noticed already though if you have operators muted as part of your patch or just for sound design, If you solo something then turn solo off, the previously muted operators then get unmuted whereas you would want them to remain muted.
It's the normal behavior, Mute/Solo are just GUI shortcuts for muting/unmuting layers, they can't overlap (there is no real Solo parameter in the engine) => muting 5 individual OP to leave one active is the same as pressing Solo on that one.

I think the current way it works is best for quick sound design, but maybe it feels weird if you're used to the standard way.
How about double tapping an operator to mute/umute it?