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EFM sound banks - Electronica by Soarer released

Check the currently available banks here: soundbanks.php

You want to create great sounds for the EssenceFM, or you already have something you'd like to share ? Contact us (
🤔 Is nobody else making any presets (Free or Paid) available?
CO5MA is working on sound bank. It hasn't been released yet though

Any idea when those new sound banks will drop ?
Hangdog Cat
In mid-November I ordered a bank of patches for the OB-6 from Christian Hatvani, whose company is AnalogAudio1. At that time I asked if he might consider making patches for the EssenceFM, and to my surprise he said he has an EssenceFM and plans to release a set of patches "in a couple of months."

You can contact Christian via his YouTube channel, AnalogAudio1.
We love his videos! That would be great if he makes a video of him playing his own patches.
Soarer just released his Electronica sound bank for the EssenceFM - 50 patches (108 new voice presets) : 12 Sequences, 18 Pads, 2 Basses, 18 Keys, 1 Drum Kit

These patches are very expressive and respond to modwheel and aftertouch action - some quite strongly to the point of morphing into a different sound so be sure to try out these. Since the EssenceFM really invites you to stack voices most patches consist of a number of voices and nearly all patches have a big and wide stereo image since I really like that. If you think it is too much you can narrow the panning or decrease the detuning of the voice presets. These sounds can get quite gritty when using the keyboard mods so use these sparingly if you don't want too much of that. I think many of these patches show quite well what the EssenceFM is capable of and they provide a good starting point or a template for your own sound design.

- Soarer

Jazz Paladin
Great stuff! Thanks!

Most of the sounds are pretty unique from what I have , though I was happy to find a few that weren’t too far off in sound from a few others I had made, which really is a testament of how easy it is to use, given that I am pretty new to FM stuff
Great! Keep going in the electronics field!!!