The EssenceFM is one of the most powerful and easy to use FM synthesizer.
It provides tons of features to make sound creation fun and enjoyable, using a responsive touch screen and knobs for quick workflow.

Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface

What you can do with it

  • Create your own FM algorithms by drag and dropping operators on the touch screen. An almost infinite number of configurations is possible
  • Layer up to 128 voices per patch, each consisting of 6 operators, for incredibly rich sounds
  • Draw your custom waveforms on the touch screen to use them as oscillators or LFOs
  • Thicken the sound with the built-in effects
  • Take advantage of its 16 part/300 voice multi-timbrality to create full songs with it
  • Use it to make analog-like sounds with the built-in resonant filter
  • Connect it to your audio recording gear and effect modules in many different ways with the four balanced stereo outputs
  • Explore FM synthesis in the most convenient way possible with the Undo-Redo buttons, allowing for any action to be undone
  • Try microtunings, layer splits, round robin, MPE, and many other advanced features.

Watch demo videos

Setup example

Schematic showing how the EssenceFM can be integrated in a studio

User manual

Powerful FM engine

The EssenceFM engine allows to create ridiculously powerful sounds made of more than 6 operators. That's why we gave it 300 voices of polyphony, you get the easy-to-program 6 op FM synthesis and the ability to layer many voices to create huge, rich-souding instruments.
There are 1800 operators and 4200 envelopes running at the same time, more than you will ever need.